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IPv4 Depletion Phases


This section is intended to inform the Community about the processes and phases involved in the depletion of the IPv4 protocol in the LACNIC region, as well as the changes to existing procedures and expected response times depending on the particular stage of exhaustion we are going through.

IPv4 exhaustion refers to a new phase where assignments are made from reserve pools and are restricted both in terms of their size and their requency.  These restrictions were established by policies presented and discussed by the community at LACNIC's Public Policy Forum.

It is expected that these policies will result in better resource management that will lead to gradual IPv4 exhaustion, while continuing to allow new entrants to the industry. Thus, exhaustion means that LACNIC will no longer have enough address space to satisfy our members' IPv4 addressing needs.

The IPv4 protocol exhaustion process comprises three main stages as described below:

Current Phase

This phase started on February, 15 of 2017.

This pool will be LACNIC's last available space and will consist of IPv4 block  post exhaustion allocated by IANA plus recovered and returned IPv4 blocks. Only assignments from the equivalent of a /22 to a /24 may be made from this pool. Each new member may only receive one initial assignment from this space.

Request Handling:

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis using a ticket system. Both NIC Mexico (NIC.MX) and NIC Brazil (NIC.br) manage their tickets independently from LACNIC. Incomplete applications requiring their applicant to provide additional information will be sent to the end of the ticket queue and will only be completed when the corresponding ticket is reached once again after the client provides the required information.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Requests will be processed according to the provisions of section 11.1 of the Policy Manual.
  • Requests must comply with the requirements set out in chapter 2 of the Policy Manual for initial requests.
  • Only initial requests will be accepted.


Assignments will be made directly by each organization's hostmaster.

Requests Approved List

IPv4 Allocations Report - Phase 3

The status of IPv4 block reserved for this phase are detailed below:

IPv4 reserved for the Phase 3:
IPv4 allocated in this phase:
IPv4 returned/recovered in this phase: 
IPv4 available in this block:

Last updated:

Status of IPv4 - Phase 3

The following chart show how the IPv4 were distributed through the members in the phase 3.

Amount of IPs allocated monthly - Fase 3

This chart show the amount of IPv4 addresses allocated during the phase 3.

Amount  of monthly allocations - Fase 3

This chart show the amount of IPv4 addresses allocated during the phase 3.

Exhaustion projection - Phase 3

Taking into account the allocations behavior since february 2017, time when we started this phase, below it is shown a linear projection with the estimated exhaustion date.

Note: the projection is base on the allocated space, not taking into account the space reserved for approved applications. If you want to check the list of reserved prefixes you can visit the following link Approved Requests