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About LACNIC Board of Directors and its electoral process


According to the LACNIC Social Bylaws, the Board of Directors consists of seven members who make up the following honorary positions:

President, Vice-President, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer and Regular Member.

Powers and responsibilities

Each position corresponds to a list of specific tasks that are found in the following chapters:

VI (President),

VII (Secretary),

VIII (Treasurer),

IX (Vice-President, Deputy Secretary, Deputy Treasurer and Regular Member).

Mandates and incompatibilities (article 20)

Board Meetings

The LACNIC Board of Directors meets periodically (approximately 10 times a year) through telephone conferences or web conferences with an approximate duration of 2 hours.

In addition, it holds 3 face-to-face meetings a year, two of which take place during LACNIC's main events, and the third usually at the end of November or beginning of December at LACNIC's headquarters.

Article 23:

Code of Conduct

Like the staff of LACNIC, the Board of Directors is ruled by our Code of Conduct.


Who can be nominated and how?

Who can vote and how?