LACNIC Quality Policy

November 2021

LACNIC is the organization charged with administrating Internet numbering resources for Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are committed to standards of excellence and transparency, as well as to the promotion of a participatory policy development model. We have also assumed the commitment to lead the permanent construction of the regional community, strengthening technological capabilities and applied research for the development of a stable, open Internet.

We take care of our employees and are committed to their development. We promote work-life balance and a deconstructed, positive, and healthy working environment. We are convinced that teamwork leads to success and that everyone has something to contribute. Mutual support, common goals, and a spirit of collaboration allow us to fulfill our mission.

LACNIC promotes strategic alliances with its providers within a framework of sustainable, transparent, and mutually beneficial relationships to meet the quality standards required by its products and services.

The LACNIC Board promotes the implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System that will ensure continuous improvement, the achievement of proposed objectives, and the fulfilment of the technical, legal, and regulatory requirements in force.

The identification, commitment, and participation of everyone who is part of LACNIC in this Quality Policy are essential to fulfill our mission.

Oscar Robles