Quality Policy

August 2016

LACNIC is the organization charged with managing Internet number resources for Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are committed to Internet growth and stability through an active policy of cooperation and promotion of the Regional Community's interests, articulating collaborative efforts so that the Internet will become an effective instrument for our region's development, promoting technological advances and industry standards, as well as building capacity through training and information activities.

Our work is based on the search for excellence and transparency in our services, efficiency and the development of a sustainable organization.

We constantly strive to strengthen an open, stable and secure Internet, encouraging everyone to participate in its processes, strengthening ties with the region's major Internet stakeholders, and setting high standards in the exercise of the rights of our members. As regional leader in issues related to Internet development, our organization is committed to employee development both from a human as well as from a technical point of view, promoting team work and valuing individuality as well as diversity.

We offer a working environment where cooperation and respect allow us to fulfill our objectives.

In order to meet the quality standards required by its products and services, LACNIC promotes strategic alliances with its providers within a framework of sustainable, transparent, and mutually beneficial relationships.

LACNIC's Board of Directors promotes implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System that will guarantee continuous improvement, make sure that proposed objectives are met, and ensure compliance with the technical, legal, and regulatory requirements in force.

In order for us to fulfill our mission, everyone who is part of LACNIC must identify with, commit to, and participate in this Quality Policy.                                                   

Oscar Robles