How to become a LACNIC member

Organizations that request IP addresses (IPv4, IPv6) directly from LACNIC become members and obtain various benefits. They can also apply to join as adhering members.

Our members:

Today, LACNIC has over 10,000 members in the following categories:

1 – Active Founding Members:

  • AHCIET (the Ibero American Association of Research Centers and Telecommunications Companies)
  • CABASE (the Argentine Chamber of Databases and Online Services),
  • CGI-Br (the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee),
  • eCOMLAC (the Latin American and Caribbean Federation for Internet and Electronic Commerce),
  • ENRED (the Network Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean), and
  • NIC-Mx (NIC Mexico)

2 – Active A Members:
Those who receive IP address space directly from LACNIC or indirectly through national registries NIC Brazil and NIC Mexico, as well as those who have received address space from ARIN corresponding to the address space allocated to LACNIC and who apply for admission.

3 – Adhering Members:

  1. Organizations based in the Latin America & the Caribbean (LAC) region or that: carry out their activities mainly in LAC, are involved in Internet development and/or comprised of Internet service providers, make a relevant contribution to Internet-related policies in the region, agree with the goals of LACNIC, and apply for admission.
  2. Organizations that manage IP addresses, which are not part of the address space allocated to LAC, but are geographically located in the LAC region.
  3. Any person, company or institution designated as such by the decision of the LACNIC Member Assembly in recognition of their activities in the furtherance of LACNIC's goals.
  4. Any individual or entity with “legal person” status who makes a significant financial contribution to support LACNIC.

Organizations that receive only an ASN do not become LACNIC members.

What does it mean to be a LACNIC member?

Being a LACNIC member grants access to multiple benefits and services, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the rights and responsibilities that come with membership.

For detailed information on member rights and benefits, please go to:

What do I have to do to become a member?

Organizations wishing to request IP addresses (Active A) or organizations and persons who would like to join LACNIC as adhering members should send their request through our website:
To request IP addresses:
To apply to become an adhering member:


If you have questions about how to become an adhering member, please write to  
If you have questions about how to request resources, please write to