DNS / Reverse Resolution

LACNIC DNS servers are responsible for reverse DNS resolution of IP addresses allocated to ISPs and other organizations in the region.

Currently, there are 6 servers for this function. They are located not only in the Latin American and Caribbean region but also in Africa, North America, Asia and Europe.

It is important to note that LACNIC has no rule or responsibility over domain name resolution.

The registration process to enable the reverse resolution is done through LACNIC IP address administration system.

The servers are updated, with information registered on that system, on a daily basis in the following time schedule:

  • 0:00 hrs (BRST/BRT)
  • 4:00 hrs (BRST/BRT)
  • 8:00 hrs (BRST/BRT)
  • 12:00 hrs (BRST/BRT)
  • 16:00 hrs (BRST/BRT)
  • 20:00 hrs (BRST/BRT)

- BRST: Brazilian summer time, equivalent to UTC -02:00.
- BRT: Brazilian standard time, equivalent to UTC -03:00.


LACNIC está certificado por SGS:SGS