Resource Transfers

Internet resources assigned by LACNIC may be the object of transfers within the LACNIC service region. Such transfers will be acknowledged provided that they fall within the following situations:

Transfer due to merger, acquisition or change of name.

This type of transfer is described in Section of LACNIC's Policy Manual.

This is the case when one Organization absorbs another, including the purchase of its assets and liabilities. It is also the case when one Organization merges with another or simply when an existing Organization changes its name.

In any of the cases above, the applicant must submit supporting legal documentation.

Other transfers of IPv4 resources

This type of transfer occurs when the operation involves IPv4 blocks only, not the merger or acquisition of an entire organization.

Note: Inter-RIR transfers (i.e., transfers outside the LACNIC service region) are not allowed.

For more information on these two types of transfer, please click on the following tabs.

If a LACNIC member organization wishes to transfer its Internet number resources —whether due to the purchase/sale of the company, due a merger between two or more companies, or simple due to a change of name—, section of the Policy Manual shall apply.


Complete the corresponding form, providing information about the transfer such as the resources to be transferred, the receiving Organization, and the reason for the transfer.


In addition to the request form, the applicant must submit the following:

  • A copy of the legal document supporting the transfer of assets.
  • A detailed inventory of all assets used by the applicant for maintaining the IPv4 address space in use.
  • A list of clients and the numbering plan to be used with the transfered address ranges, thus justifying their need.

Transfer Fee

By resolution of the LACNIC Board, transfers produced under this policy will not be subject to any fees. However, the following situations should be considered:

  • If the receiving Organization is a member of LACNIC and the transfer causes a change of category, a supplemental invoice will be issued for the difference in the fee for the new category, multiplied by the number of months remaining until the resources' renewal date.
  • The offering Organization must be current with its contractual obligations towards LACNIC.
  • If due to this transfer the receiving Organization will receive Internet numbering space from LACNIC for the first time, the receiving Organization must sign a service level agreement.

Submit Transfer Request

To complete the transfer request form, go to the following link . Only the offering Organization's administrative contact (userID) is authorized to complete the transfer request form. In case of doubts please contact to transferencias [at] lacnic [.] net