Revocation of Internet Resources allocation

Revocation of Internet Resources allocation

Internet resources (ASN, IPv4, IPv6) assigned or allocated by LACNIC must comply with the requirements set forth in the Registration Service Agreement signed between LACNIC and the receiving organization and also with LACNIC Policy Manual.

About the policy of Resources Revocation

LACNIC reserves the right to revoke Internet resource assignments or allocations in accordance with the provisions of its resource recovery policy 7.1 from LACNIC Policy Manual: “Resources Recovery”.

Some reasons why LACNIC may initiate the resource recovery process include (policy 7.1 from LACNIC Policy Manual):

* Example of breaching of the provisions of the Registration Services Agreement:

Resources under process of recovery

In accordance with Resources Recovery policy (read the hole policy here), LACNIC shall publish the resource that is to be recovered for a period of three months and, If three months after the resources are published the organization has not rectified the situation, the resources shall be recovered.

Important to consider:

Organizations with resources in the process of recovery

Type of resource Resource Publication Date Resource recovery date
ASN 267764 31 January, 2020 30 April, 2020
ASN 267763 4 March, 2020 2 June, 2020
ASN 267775 12 March, 2020 10 June, 2020
ASN 267805 25 March, 2020 23 June, 2020


We remind you that, according to the provisions of this policy, those who possess these resources who wish to regularize their situation, may do so by contacting the following addresses: (for failure to pay your membership) (for non-compliance with the policies for the use of its resources)

Resources under process of recovery - NIRs

To see list of resources in revocation process at the visit de following link

To see list of resources in revocation process at the IAR.MX visit de following link

Recovered resources

According to the policy “7.1. Resource recovery”: LACNIC shall publish the resources that have been recovered so that the routing filters may be modified.

The following is the updated list of Internet resources that have already been recovered.


If you have any question regarding these resources please contact

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