Return Resources

The Internet Resources (IP blocks and ASN) allocated directly by LACNIC can be returned to it if the organization which has the custody don't want to use it any more.

Also can be returned to LACNIC the resources allocated to organizations in the area by ARIN or by the central registry before Regional Internet Registry (RIR) formation.

The return could take place in cases like cease of activities, merger with other organizations, network reorganization, etc.

Once the Internet resource has been returned to LACNIC, the organization which before had its custody will not be authorized to use it any more. And their registry informations will be removed from LACNIC database whois.

Internet resources returned to LACNIC can be allocated to other organizations in the future.

To ask for the return of an Internet resource, the current administrative contact of the organization which has the custody must ask formally for that return.

In order to do that:

Fill out the form


Sign the document

  1. Document for returning resources allocated directly by LACNIC;
  2. Document for returning resources allocated by ARIN.

An example of such document can be verified at:

  1. Returning resources allocated directly by LACNIC; (EXAMPLE)
  2. Returning resources allocated by ARIN. (EXAMPLE)

Send signed document to

Rambla República de México 6125.
Montevideo, 11400.

Once the return is formalized, it will be evaluated by LACNIC and additional documents could be requested.

Will be accepted only return requests from resources of organizations without outstanding payments with LACNIC.

In cases of returned IP Blocks, the block prefix to be returned must be:

  1. equal to the allocated one,
  2. or half the size of the allocated prefix. Whenever it won't be lower than the minimum size allocated by LACNIC according to the current policy for (ISP or End User).

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