Fellowship Program

LACNIC's financial assistance program aims at supporting members of the Latin American and Caribbean Internet community interested in participating in LACNIC events. The program was implemented in 2003 and supports more than 100 individuals from around the region annually.

During LACNIC events, beneficiaries of the financial assistance program have the opportunity to receive technical training, to participate in forums and conferences, as well as to interact and share experiences with their industry colleagues. This will later help them better manage their organization's daily operations and further their professional endeavors.

Likewise, it provides the opportunity to participate in the organization's key activities: the Public Policy Forum and the Annual Member Assembly, two key processes in which it is important to have the greatest possible regional community participation and representation.

Through this program, LACNIC provides financial support to participate in its two biannual meetings, the second of which is held jointly with the LACNOG event. 

Applicants can choose one of three types of financial support:

  • Return ticket from the applicant's place of residence to the city where the conference will take place and waiver of registration fees;
  • Accommodation at the city where the conference will be held and waiver of registration fees; or
  • Waiver of registration fees for local applicants.

All applications received will be subject to a selection procedure that will consider different criteria depending on the type of meeting being held.
As a general rule, the aim of the selection process is for the group of financial assistance recipients to be as diverse as possible in terms of the sectors they represent (academia, service providers, civil society, governments and private sector) as well as their gender and nationality.