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Frida FRIDA / "Contributing to Digital Innovation in the Region"
The Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean is a LACNIC initiative aimed at contributing to the development of the Information Society in our region. It funds research projects through small grants and recognizes innovative initiatives that have made a significant contribution to the use of ICTs.
Ayitic Ayitic / "Internet for Development"
Ayitic is an initiative aimed at strengthening Haiti's digital capabilities.
AMPARO / "Strengthening Computer Security within the Region"
The AMPARO project is a LACNIC initiative aimed at strengthening computer security incident awareness, knowledge and response capabilities in Latin American and Caribbean countries, particularly at private company and social organization level. AMPARO focuses mainly on promoting knowledge and training in the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) methodology, conducting applied research activities, and building a regional platform for training experts.
+RAICES / "+scope +speed +response"
Increasing the scope, strength and response speed of the DNS system (a key part of Internet infrastructure) at regional and global level.
Lifetime Achievement Award / "Recognizing Internet Leaders"
The Board of Directors believes that, as part of LACNIC's mission to promote and articulate collaborative efforts within the region, and in support of LACNIC's commitment to the constant development of the Internet and the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean, it is important to honor those individuals who have long devoted their efforts to the consecution of these objectives for their concrete achievements and for the example they set for the rest of the community.

Concluded Projects

6DEPLOY / "Supporting IPv6 Deployment"
LACNIC is a partner in 6DEPLOY-2, a Project funded by the European Commission that seeks to support IPv6 deployment in e-Infrastructure environments and to develop FP7 projects at global level.

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