Discussion list

The LACNIC discussion lists are exchange locations in which we aim to facilitate consensus and agreements for the development of the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We view discussion lists as the best way to represent and promote the interests of our region. However, we do not negate the value of other participation channels such as chats and periodical physical meetings.

Announcements List

In this list we publish information related to LACNIC’s most important activities such as calls for nominations and elections, presentation of projects, information regarding LACNIC and other important regional meetings, and general topics related to the development of the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Public Policy List

This space is used for the discussion and presentation of proposals for the distribution of Internet resources in Latin America and the Caribbean. This is the starting point for the criteria and rules that LACNIC applies in the allocation of IPv6 and IPv4 Addresses, as well as ASN and their related services.

Governance List

This space is intended for the presentation and discussion of proposals related to Internet governance.

Caribbean List

This list is used to discuss topics specifically related to Internet development in the Caribbean.

Women in ICT List

The purpose of the list is to share information and facilitate networking among women who are part of the technical Internet community of Latin America and the Caribbean. This would include sharing of opportunities for attending and presenting at different events, applying for fellowships, engaging in the governance processes of the region's technical organizations and more. It is also a platform for sharing technical experiences and initiatives led by our colleagues across the region.

Employment Opportunities Mailing List

This list is for disseminating early notification of open employment opportunities.

LACNIC also hosts the following regional discussion lists:

Network Security List

The objectives of this mailing list are as follows: to bring together all those interested in network security issues, to coordinate incidents and facilitate the creation of CSIRTs, to debate concrete actions and coordination projects for the region to implement in case of network security problems, and to suggest and discuss issues of interest to the community.


This list aims to fulfil the following objectives: to bring together all those who are interested in the operational and functional aspects and issues of NAPs, so that all participants can gain value by exchanging information.

IPv6 List

This list is intended for those interested in the development of IPv6 in the Latin America and the Caribbean.


Send your questions and comments to: mailman-owner@lacnic.net.