Requesting resources (FAQ)

How can I request Internet number resources?

To request resources from LACNIC, follow the instructions below:

  1. First, go to and verify that you meet all the requirements.
  2. Then, go to and login with your personal userID and password. If you don't have a userID, you must create one at
  3. Once you have logged in, select the Organization for which you would like to request resources and click the “Select” button.
  4. If this is your first request, you must complete the form under “New Organization.”
  5. If your Organization is an Internet Service Provider, in the "Type of Organization" field select ISP. If your Organization will use the requested resources for its own infrastructure and will not sub-assignment any resources to third parties such as banks, government agencies or universities, select EU (End User).

Once you’ve completed the form, click on the New Organization button to save your data. In the following screen, select the type of request you wish to submit (IPv4, IPv6 or ASN) and complete the form with the requested information.

Tool tips provide additional information on the specific data that must be entered in each field.

Once the form is complete, click on the “Submit Request” button.

Within a few minutes, you will receive an e-mail confirming that your request has been successfully processed. Your request will be analyzed within 48 hours, after which one of our Internet Resource Analysts will contact you.

Can an Organization with a legacy IP address block request additional address blocks?

Because we are in Phase 3 of IPv4 exhaustion, additional IPv4 space will NOT be provided to organizations that have already been assigned or allocated IPv4 resources by LACNIC or by the organizations that preceded LACNIC. During this phase, only those organizations that have not yet received IPv4 space will be eligible to receive these addresses.

Thus, organizations with legacy IP address blocks will not be eligible to request additional IPv4 space during exhaustion Phase 3.

What type of Internet resources does LACNIC assign?

Any organization in LACNIC's coverage, can request the following Internet resources:

  1. IPv4 address block
  2. IPv6 address blocks
  3. Autonomous System Numbers (ASN)
What are the criteria for receiving IP address blocks from LACNIC?

LACNIC applies the following criteria for the assignment of IP address blocks.

There are two possibilities. First, if the IP addresses will be used in your own infrastructure and will not be sub-assigned to your clients, you can request resources as an End User. Second, if you provide Internet services and are planning to sub-assign IP addresses to your customers, you can request resources as an ISP. Different policies and membership fees apply in each case.

For more information on the requirements to receive resources, go to our IP Request site.

I requested an ASN for my organization. The request was approved and the ASN was assigned; however, I have not received the IP address block. What should I do?

ASN requests do not include an IP address block. These are two distinct requests that have to be submitted separately using the proper templates.

If your organization needs an ASN and an IP address block, you should submit two separate requests: one for the ASN, the other for the IP address block.

My organization is starting its operations as a provider and does not yet have any IP addresses. Can we request some from LACNIC?

LACNIC has an immediate assignment policy, the aim of which is to serve those organizations that have made significant investments to start their operations as service or connectivity providers but don't yet have the necessary IP addresses.

For further details on the applicable policy, see " Direct Allocations to Internet Service Providers" detailed on the Policies Manual.

My IP address block application has been approved, we have signed the Registration Services Agreement and sent it to LACNIC, but we have not received our IP address block yet. What else do we have to do?

After an application is approved, the organization must sign the Registration Services Agreement and pay the registration fee according to the organization's category. So, in addition to the agreement, you should check if this fee was paid. For further information regarding payments, you can contact

After the IP block or ASN allocation approval we made the payment of the registration fee and did not receive the approved resource. What is missing?

After an application is approved, the organization must sign the Registration Services Agreement and pay the registration fee according to the organization's category. You should check if two copies of this agreement were signed and sent to LACNIC.