2017 FRIDA Call for Proposals

The Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean (FRIDA) provides funding and recognizes initiatives that promote Internet development and encourage the adoption of digital solutions to address socio-economic challenges in the LAC region and is now announcing its 2017 call for proposals.

As a result of this 2017 call for proposals, the FRIDA Program will present two awards and offer one grant.

Since 2004, FRIDA has distributed more than USD 1.5 million among more than 120 innovative initiatives and projects in 18 countries throughout the region, thus contributing to the promotion of Internet development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

To facilitate the application process, the 2017 call for proposals will be divided into two stages. For the first stage, applicants will have time from Wednesday 10 May to Friday 23 June to submit a summary of their project. Only projects shortlisted during the first stage will move on to the second stage, during which applicants will have to submit a detailed proposal (10-31 July). As in previous years, an experienced panel of Latin American and Caribbean ICT professionals will be responsible for selecting the winning projects. Final results will be announced on FRIDA's website and social media on Wednesday 30 August.

FRIDA Awards. Two awards will be presented in this cycle. For the first award, the FRIDA Program will accept proposals in line with three of its areas of focus: Internet Development, Internet and Participation, and Technologies and Community. On the other hand, the second award will be limited to women-led projects that promote gender equality through technology. Winners will receive USD 5,000, travel and accommodation to attend the Awards Ceremony at the Internet Governance Forum to be held in Geneva on 18-22 December, and support for networking and institutional strengthening activities.

FRIDA Grants. As a result of this call for proposals, one project submitted under the Internet Development category will receive financial support. Project proposals must include innovative solutions for the development of an open, stable and secure Internet, addressing topics such as access, infrastructure, the Internet of Things, IPv6, cybersecurity, open standards and Internet governance. The selected project will receive USD 20,000 and the winning organization will have a period of twelve months for its execution.

"We at LACNIC understand it is essential to promote the involvement of women in technology and wanted to reflect this by adding a new gender-focused category to the FRIDA Awards," said Carolina Caeiro, head of the LACNIC initiative. She also stressed that the selection process begins with the presentation of a simple project summary, thus making it easier to apply and reducing the time an organization must devote to preparing their proposal.

More information about the call for proposals: http://programafrida.net/