LACNIC and LACRALO Sign Agreement to Promote Internet Standards in the Region

May 24, 2017

Today, within the framework of the LACNIC 27 meeting, the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Address Registry (LACNIC) signed a cooperation agreement with the Latin American and Caribbean Regional At-Large Organization (LACRALO) to work jointly on the programs driven by both organizations aimed at developing Internet infrastructure and services in the region.

"We share with LACRALO the same interest in building a better Internet by promoting technical Internet standards in the region," noted LACNIC CEO Oscar Robles once the agreement had been signed.

LACNIC and LACRALO will seek to complement, strengthen and promote common activities. This agreement will allow "combining the efforts of both organizations in order to strengthen and consolidate Internet governance and technical know-how throughout the region," added Robles.

Likewise, LACRALO Chair Humberto Carrasco observed that "This is a natural agreement between the two Latin American and Caribbean institutions. We share common interests. We believe there is much we can do together to promote Internet development in the region. From our point of view, we are convinced this will bring multiple benefits to end users."

Under this agreement, LACNIC and LACRALO will cooperate towards the promotion of Internet standards as well as the development of infrastructure and services for fostering Internet development in the Latin American and Caribbean region. 

The agreement also anticipates providing support for capacity-building events and, occasionally, conducting activities of mutual interest, including research projects and developments having to do with Internet number resources.

The two organizations plan to work together to strengthen regional participation in the global Internet ecosystem by means of fellowship and outreach programs for issues involving Internet number resources.