The LACNIC Board recommends not distributing electoral propaganda by mass messaging contacts obtained from the LACNIC DB.

Likewise, the Board would also like to remind you that LACNIC mailing lists are provided for the discussion of specific topics and must therefore not be used to post electoral propaganda.

Current elections

LACNIC Electoral Commission

Co-Chair of LACNIC´s Policy Development Process

Electoral processes exclusive for LACNIC members

According to article 26 of the Bylaws (click here to read the full article), in addition to other responsibilities, the LACNIC Board has the following responsibility:

"To establish objective, detailed criteria for determining the grounds for incompatibility of LACNIC’s elective members, as well as borderline or doubtful cases."

We invite you to read the Regulations regarding Incompatibilities, Capacities and Suitability approved in February 2018 by the Board (see Board minutes here).

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Open electoral processes for LACNIC community

Past elections

Past elections

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