LACNIC statement regarding the process followed by CRISP

Having read the principles agreed by the ARIN Board of Trustees, and taking that statement as a reference, the Board of Trustees of LACNIC wants to state that, like our colleagues of ARIN:

  1. LACNIC advocates that the CRISP draft Service Level Agreement (SLA) be completed promptly, with fidelity to the CRISP Principles, and made public immediately.

  2. LACNIC believes that any comments or objections to the draft Service Level Agreement or its underlying Principles be provided publicly to CRISP on the mailing list (, whether those comments originate with the RIR organizations, ICANN, or others in the community.

  3. LACNIC believes that the feedback received should be collected by the CRISP team, and that the CRISP team should facilitate discussion of any proposed changes using an open and transparent process.

  4. Finally, LACNIC reaffirms the necessity of CRISP SLA outline Principle 6 - Termination of the contract in the event that the IANA Numbering Services Operator fails to perform or cure in accord with the terms of the SLA.

Furthermore, LACNIC will be conducting, both in its upcoming regular meeting in May 2015, in Lima, Perú, as well as in its different means of communication, informative sessions with the community, in order to ensure the whole process related to the IANA transition, including the work conducted by the CRSIP and this statement, are all well known and understood by our community.

This is done to guarantee the transparency and bottom up process followed so far by LACNIC, as one of the RIR participating in the proposition assembled by CRISP.

Montevideo, April 16, 2015