Paraguay to Welcome the Upcoming Edition of the Amparo Workshop

From 17 to 19 August, IT managers of public and private organizations in Paraguay will receive training on the major security issues affecting the various countries of our region.

This new group of specialists will join the ranks of professionals who have already received training through the AMPARO project, an initiative of the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC).

The Basic Computer Security Training Workshop will be held in Asuncion, with the support of Paraguay's National Secretariat of Information and Communication Technologies. The event is free to attend, will include both theory and practice, and will take place at the Gran Hotel Paraguay.

During the workshop, expert instructors will provide participants with information and training on how to create a national Computer Security Incident Response Team, how to handle sensitive information on the Internet, as well as risk and incident management policies.

Participants will learn how to limit the impact of criminal and terrorist actions against organizations and institutions throughout the region.

To make it easier for professionals involved in Computer Security to participate, LACNIC is offering financial support for the purchase airfare or accommodation.

Registration will be open at the following link:

For further information, please contact: