Colombia Welcomes the Region's most Important Internet Meeting

Internet traffic is exhibiting strong growth in Latin America and the Caribbean; the regional Internet community will meet in Bogotá to participate in six simultaneous meetings.

Noted Latin American and Caribbean Internet experts will meet in Bogotá to participate in an event that will take place from September 28th to October 2nd to discuss the status of Information Technologies (ICTs ) in the LAC region.

This year, the meeting of the Internet Addresses Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC) and the Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Forum (LACNOG) will be co-located with the meetings of other major organizations that are contributing towards regional Internet development: FIRST, LACTLD, Internet Governance Training, and the LAC-i-Roadshow.

More than 400 experienced professionals representing leading Internet organizations as well as government, academia and civil society representatives are expected to participate in the week-long meeting.

According to the latest report published by LACNOG, the Internet is growing at a dramatic pace in the LAC region. I the past two years, mobile broadband has become a firm reality and a good number of countries now have LTE coverage, which has led to mobile access overtaking fixed access.

In addition, the deployment of new submarine cables has contributed to increasing the region's Internet capacity and helped lower prices.

For the second consecutive time, the Bogotá event will be co-located with the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams –FIRST– which will meet September 28th, in parallel with five technical tutorials.

Likewise, the Peering Forum will also meet to provide an opportunity for the region's major Internet Service Providers, Content Providers and Internet Exchange Points to discuss and negotiate peering and transit agreements.

Among other activities, the LACNIC 24 - LACNOG 2015 program includes the current challenges faced by computer security, the Internet of Things, a panel on critical Internet infrastructure, and the IANA functions stewardship transition process.

LACNIC 24-LACNOG 2015 is supported by .CO, the Internet Society,, Cisco, Google, Alcatel-Lucent, ICANN, Netflix, ifx Networks, NTT Communications, AMS-IX, Nexus Guard, OSI Hardware and Carrier Community.

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