Meet the 3 LACNIC region CRISP team members

There is a requirement for the global number community to produce a single proposal to the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) in response to the RFP published on 3 September 2014. This process has begun with discussions of this topic in each of the 5 RIR regions, from which a single proposal will then be developed incorporating inputs from all of regions, and submitted by the deadline of 15 January 2015.

The Regional Internet Registries feel that we can accomplish this goal in the necessary timeframe through an adaptation of the existing Global Policy Development Process. This should be undertaken by a team specifically convened for this purpose with streamlined operating processes.

The proposed CRISP team will include 3 members from each region, including 2 community members and 1 RIR staff. At the LACNIC region the two community members are Esteban Lescano and Nico Scheper and from the LACNIC staff is Andres Piazza.


From March, 2007 to date: Partner at LESCANO & ETCHEVERRY ABOGADOS, a law firm that specializes in providing legal and strategic counsel to telecommunications service providers as well as information technology and social media companies.

Esteban represents his clients before various business chambers and regulators.  Since 2002, he is professor of The Right to Information at the School of Social Studies of Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), where his research focuses on IP network interconnection and online freedom of expression. He has also taught other subjects relating to telecommunications and information technology law at Universidad Austral and Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales, both in the city of Buenos Aires.

He has actively participated in LACNIC and ICANN meetings since 2013 and has attended NETMUNDIAL, as well as other regional and international Internet Governance related forums and events.

He has presented at seminars and workshops on the ICT and Telecommunications industry. He has published research papers and articles on telecommunications regulation in newspapers and magazines.


Nico Scheper, Director of AMS-IX Caribbean, is a self-employed professional with 23 years of experience in the telecommunication sector. Nico has a background in Internet Exchanges, Submarine optical fibers, the Internet, management consultancy, interim management and project management.  Nico has a broad telecommunication sector expertise in successfully initiating and managing several (public private) business development initiatives and projects. Both in Europe as in the Caribbean. Nico has a broad experience in senior and executive management level positions managing international, multicultural and multidiscipline projects and teams varying from a staff of 5 to 95 consisting of different levels of education and maturity including P&L responsibility. Nico has extensive experience in business analyses, developing feasibility studies, business plans, regulatory policy, business development for regulatory institutions, mobile- and fixed telecom operators, submarine cable operators, Internet Service Providers and Internet Exchanges.


Andres Piazza is a lawyer currently serving as External Relations Officer at LACNIC, the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean. Previously, Andres was an international consultant and professor of Law and New Technologies at his alma mater. In 2009, he was appointed first LACRALO Chair within the ICANN community, a position he held until joining LACNIC in 2011.

In his current role, he actively engages in regulatory discussions with United Nations agencies, the Inter-American System, and other high-level global public forums, including international treaties, especially in debates regarding Telecommunications and regional and global Internet Governance.