IETF91 SPRING Working Group

The 91st Engineering Task Force (IETF) meeting will be held on 9-14 November in Hawaii, USA. The IETF is the organization where Internet protocol standards are defined and key discussions on technical aspects of the Internet take place.

Anyone can participate in the IETF - there is no formal membership, no membership fees. While in-person meetings are held three times a year, most of the work and discussions are conducted online through various mailing lists. In addition, remote participation mechanisms such as audio broadcasts and the possibility of participating via instant messaging are also used during in-person meetings.

Seeking to improve these remote participation mechanisms, a two-way audio and video pilot experiment will be conducted during one of the IETF 91 sessions.

LACNIC will participate providing a point of presence or remote hub at its Montevideo office (Casa de Internet de Latinoamérica y el Caribe, Rambla Rep. de México 6125, 11400 Montevideo), and other remote hubs that will be set up in various countries.

The remote hub will be set up for the SPRING Working Group meeting, where source-based routing will be discussed.

Attendance is free but requires prior registration . The activity will take place at LACNIC's Montevideo office on Thursday 13 November at 4:15 pm and is estimated to last 2 hours. Before establishing the remote connection, Hernán Contreras of Cisco Systems will present a short introduction to the work of the IETF and the goal of the SPRING meeting.

The agenda includes the following topics:

  • Administrivia Chairs

 - Note Well

 - Scribe

 - Blue Sheets

 - Milestones Review

  • Remote Hub Experiment - Álvaro Retana
  • IPv6 Segment Routing Update - Stefano Previdi
  • SPRING OpenFlow Interworking Requirements - Bhumip Khasnanish
  • BGP-Prefix Segment in large-scale data centers - Saikat Ray
  • Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) - Greg Mirsky
  • Entropy labels for source routed stacked tunnels -Jeff Tantsura

For more information on the SPRING Working Group, please visit its website: