LACNIC participates in Uruguay's most importantannual ICT training event

LACNIC participated in the JIAP 2014 meeting, one of the largest technology events to be held in Uruguay, which took place on 16-18 September at the Montevideo City Hall Conference Center and was attended by over 4,000 participants.

As part of this activity, Gerardo Rada, Software Engineer at LACNIC, gave a presentation on CertiV6 – IPv6 Software Certification. 

Likewise, Oscar Messano, President of LACNIC's Board of Directors, presented on the challenge between profitability and developing connectivity in order to ensure access to broadband.

In addition, hundreds of participants visited LACNIC's stand to obtain further information on our organization's activities and events.

During the 2014 JIAP closing ceremony the "Granato Digital Inclusion Award" was presented, an award designed to recognize those who have contributed to bridging the digital divide in Uruguay. This time, the award was presented to Raul Echeberría, former CEO of LACNIC, for his work in promoting and fostering the dissemination of technology worldwide. 

Oscar Messano introduced Echeberría as the "Uruguayan ambassador to the world of technology," and acknowledged his extensive work over the years in the field of the Internet.

These presentations will be soon be available on JIAP 2014's website,