Call For Candidates to Host LACNIC 23 - 2015

LACNIC calls for organizations in the region that are interested in hosting its meeting for the year 2015. The meeting will be held for 6 days during the week from May 3 to 8 in a city in the LAC region within the area served by LACNIC. (For a list of countries, visit:

Coverage Area

The local organizer interested in hosting this meeting must meet certain conditions and requirements to be detailed later.

Description of the event

The LACNIC meeting hosts various events among which are: the LACNIC´s Annual Member Assembly, the Public Policy Forum (PPF), tutorials and training workshops, the Latin American IPv6 Forum (Flip-6), the Regional Interconnection Forum (NAPLA), and the Network Security Forum (LACSEC). In addition, the LAC Governments Working Group, and the LACNIC´s Board meeting take place.

Concurrently, other important regional organizations that contribute to the development and stability of the Internet in the region as LACTLD (ccTLD operators association) held their own meetings and annual meetings.

General Sessions and panel discussions of common interest to all organizations are also carried out. All this makes the LACNIC event the most important meeting for Internet organizations in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Proposals to host this meetings will be received and assessed by LACNIC's Board of Directors, who will decide where the meeting is to take place on the basis of several factors. The assessment of proposals will pay special attention to the following points:

  • Compliance with the minimum requirements

  • Costs

  • Location of the proposed hotel or convention centre

  • Network infrastructure (bandwidth)

  • Local counterpart support.

Organizations interested in sending proposals to host LACNIC 23 - 2015 should send an email to: by September 30, 2014 including the following information:

  • Organization´s Name

  • Country and city where it is proposed to hold the event

  • Name and title of the contact person

  • Contact email

  • Contact telephone

  • A general proposal to host the event

  • Local host´s financial contribution for funding of the event

For more information and detailed requirements, please contact Adriana Rivero: or call +5982 604 2222 extension 4203.