Training workshops on project formulation are a new instrument added in the 2014 edition of the FRIDA program in order to provide knowledge on how to formulate a project and support those interested in applying to this call for proposals.

FRIDA considers that it is important to provide workshops that will make it easier for applicants to understand the concepts and methodology needed to prepare quality projects. The workshops will be presented online, in workshop-tutorial format.

General Characteristics and Program

  • The workshop will be offered in e-learning format through LACNIC's Online Campus.

  • Two editions of the workshop will be held to allow everyone interested to participate. Both workshops will cover the same program; therefore, participants may only attend one or the other.

  • Enrollment period for the first workshop: 2 to 20 April.

  • Date of the first workshop: 5 to 26 May.

  • Enrollment period for the second workshop: 13 May to 8 June.

  • Date of the second workshop: 16 June to 7 July.

The workshop will be held in Spanish. Proposals will be accepted in English and Portuguese.


These workshops are intended to help applicants prepare quality projects to apply for the 2014 FRIDA Grants program. During this edition, projects may apply for a maximum of USD 20,000.

The period for submitting proposals will open on 20 May and end on 15 July. All proposals must be submitted through this website.

More information:

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