Lacnic customer satisfaction survey

2012 edition

The results of a customer satisfaction survey commissioned to and conducted by international consultants Equipos Mori show that the time and effort LACNIC has devoted to better serving its members and strengthening their ties with LACNIC by providing more and improved services have paid off.

The study covered all of Latin America and the Caribbean and LACNIC received an excellent evaluation on the part of its customers. The organization's approval rates were 97%, while LACNIC's staff was considered one of the organization's main strengths. This was manifested by the staff evaluation indicators, which reached levels of excellence (over 95%) in aspects such as global satisfaction, friendliness, clarity and technical ability.

 "The results are very encouraging for the organization. LACNIC enjoys a solid relationship with its customers and they, in turn, find the organization and the services they receive from the organization to have reached levels of excellence according to international satisfaction standards," stressed the report prepared by Equipos Mori.

The study was conducted using state-of-the-art methodology and Equipos Mori emphasized the willingness of surveyed customers to cooperate with the study.

On behalf of Equipos Mori and LACNIC, we would like to thank everyone who shared their time and cooperated with this process.

Read Equipos  Mori report here: LACNIC Customer Satisfaction Survey