LACNIC Highlights 20 Years of EsLaRed, the Latin American School of Networks

LACNIC, the Regional Internet Address Registry, congratulates EsLaRed, the Latin American School of Networks, for 20 years of uninterrupted training on Internet related topics in the region and for WALC, its Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean initiative.

For two decades, through its WALC workshops, EsLaRed has trained thousands of people, many of whom now occupy leading positions in various public and private organizations in countries around the region.

Since its creation, LACNIC has accompanied WALC on this capacity building journey that has covered various areas seeking to build a collective identity for the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean.

"The strong relationship between LACNIC and the team in charge of organizing the WALC workshops, led by EsLaRed, has been a very valuable partnership for us," said Raul Echeberria, Executive Director of LACNIC.

"We would like to thank all the people who have worked on this project over the past 20 years for their enormous contribution to the development of the Internet in the region," he added.