Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary with More than 7,000 Members

LACNIC is celebrating its 15th anniversary as a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) with more than 7,000 members in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The number of member organizations in the 33 territories included in the LACNIC service region doubled over the past three years. This month, the organization reached 7,051 members.

LACNIC members include the world's leading telecommunications companies, the most influential civil society organizations and universities of the region, as well as government agencies of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Brazil is the country with the highest number of members, followed by Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

"This growth in our membership base has been accompanied by efforts on the part of LACNIC to increase member participation in institutional activities and strengthen our services," said LACNIC CEO Oscar Robles.

Over the past three years, LACNIC staff has visited 183 organizations in 15 countries where we have not recently organized any of our major events. The purpose of these visits is to facilitate their insertion in the activities of the organization.

In 2017 we also implemented MI LACNIC, a new management platform for our members. This service unified our resource management systems and has already been adopted by 2,700 of our members.

This evolution has required strengthening the courses offered by LACNIC, adding new courses through the Training Center. In addition, the LACNIC team has intensified its work on IPv6 deployment with organizations throughout the region to address IPv4 address exhaustion.

"Now that we are celebrating 15 years of LACNIC, we want to reinforce our commitment to the development of an open, stable and secure Internet," Robles concluded.