Joint Meeting of the LACNIC and ICANN Boards of Directors

It was a pleasure to receive the ICANN Board at Casa de Internet in the city of Montevideo to celebrate with us 15 years of work and dedication to Internet development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The construction of a Latin American and Caribbean Internet community and successfully managing number resources have only been possible thanks to the participation of multiple stakeholders over these 15 years of sustained, constant growth in the region.

LACNIC is proud to have celebrated these achievements together with ICANN and to share its vision of development and growth through collaborative, interactive and coordinated experiences.

We would like to thank the entire Board of Directors who made this meeting possible, especially its chairman, Steve Crocker, for sharing his optimism regarding the future of the Internet.

We invite you to continue to work together, as everything that has been achieved so far is simply the beginning of all that remains to be done.