Ethics Committee

LACNIC's Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct are interpreted and enforced by the Ethics Committee, which may handle cases that transcend the sphere of operational authority. This Committee is made up by a member of the Fiscal Commission, the Executive Director, and a member of the Board. When necessary, the latter may appoint an additional member to replace the Executive Director. Likewise, the Committee may delegate any cases it considers appropriate to the Executive Director, who in such cases will have the authority to interpret and enforce this Code.

Current members of the Ethics Committee:

  • Adriana Ibarra (Fiscal Commission) adriana [at] ibarravazquez [.] com
  • Esteban Lescano (Board of Directors) esteban [at] lacnic [.] net
  • Oscar Robles-Garay (CEO) oscar [at] lacnic [.] net

Any suspected breach or violation of the Code of Ethics or the Code of Conduct must be notified to any of these members or to the Ethics Committee as a whole by writing to comite-etica [at] lacnic [.] net