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LACNIC Technical Forum

What is the LACNIC Technical Forum?

The LACNIC Technical Forum (FTL) is a space for the LAC community to share and discuss Internet technologies and technical implementations. It holds face-to-face meetings during LACNIC events. The forum includes high-level technical presentations on topics such as cybersecurity, IPv6, DNS, the Internet of Things, interconnection, routing, content distribution networks, network operation, regulations, and others. 

FTL is a space promoted by LACNIC in response to the need to develop and strengthen the regional community's technical network management capabilities.

The FTL agenda is coordinated by a multistakeholder Program Committee which includes LACNIC community, LACNIC staff and LACNOG representatives.

How LACNIC Supports the FTL

LACNIC supports the FTL as follows:

Functions of the FTL Program Committee

The FTL Program Committee is responsible for the following tasks:

Composition of the Program Committee

The FTL Program Committee will be made up by:

Staggered elections will be held to renew the three community representatives.
One of the LACNIC staff representatives on the Committee shall be the point of contact and interaction with LACNIC on matters relating to coordination of dates, publication and dissemination of calls for presentations, submission of information on selected speakers, etc.

About the members of the Program Committee (Community and LACNOG representatives)

Members of the FTL Program Committee (with the exception of LACNIC staff members) are volunteers serving in an honorary capacity. To facilitate their participation in the face-to-face event (April-May), LACNIC will cover the following expenses for each member of the Committee:

Current members of the FTL Program Committee:

Name Representing
Mariela Rocha Community
Jordi Palet Community
Fernando Gont Community
Jorge Villa LACNOG
Tomás Lynch LACNOG
Guillermo Cicileo LACNIC Staff
Alejandro Acosta LACNIC Staff
César Díaz LACNIC Staff

Election of Community Representatives to the FTL Program Committee

The three positions occupied by community representatives on the Program Committee will be partially renewed each year, for which staggered elections will be held (one or two positions, as appropriate).

Each community representative will serve a two (2) year term,

Candidates who have already served a term (2 years) on the Program Committee may run for reelection for only one (1) consecutive term.

Candidates who have served for two consecutive terms may not run again until two (2) years have passed since the conclusion of their last term.

Candidates must be nominated through the mailing lists (Security, IPv6, Interconnection).

Candidates must be subscribed to at least one of the mailing lists (Security, IPv6, Interconnection) and may be self-nominated or nominated by a third party who is subscribed to at least one of these lists.

The voters registry will be comprised of the subscribers to the three mailing lists (Security, IPv6, Interconnection).

Elections will be conducted using an online voting system provided by LACNIC.

The first election will be held in 2018, after the conclusion of the first LACNIC event.

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