LACNIC Technical Forum

What is the LACNIC Technical Forum?

The LACNIC Technical Forum (FTL) is a space for the regional Latin American and Caribbean community to share and discuss Internet technologies and technical implementation. It holds face-to-face meetings during LACNIC events. The forum includes high-level technical presentations on topics such as cybersecurity, IPv6, DNS, the Internet of Things, interconnection, routing, content distribution networks, network operation, regulations and more.

FTL is a space promoted by LACNIC in response to the need to develop and strengthen the regional community's technical network management capabilities.

The FTL agenda is coordinated by a multistakeholder program committee, which includes the LACNIC community, LACNIC staff and LACNOG representatives.

Take a look at the presentations of the LACNIC Technical Forum held in virtual format on 6 May 2020:

To continue offering our community more and better opportunities to access cutting edge technical knowledge, LACNIC is in the process of reviewing the structure of the Technical Forum.

Accordingly, the election to appoint community representatives to the FTL Program Committee did not take place in June 2020 as planned.

We will keep the community informed about the new structure and format of our next Technical Forum, which will be held in May 2021.

Information on previous meetings of the LACNIC Technical Forum: