This document and/or information was originally written in Spanish, the official language of Uruguay, the country where LACNIC is legally incorporated and whose laws and regulations govern the organization. Likewise, unofficial information and/or documents are also written in Spanish, as this is the language in which most of LACNIC's advisors and officers work and communicate. We do our best to ensure that our translations are reliable and serve as a guide for our non-Spanish-speaking members. However, discrepancies may exist between the translations and the original document and/or information written in Spanish. In such cases, the original text written in Spanish will always prevail.


ARTICLE 1 (Name and Address)

A non-government organization is established under the name of Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry. This organization shall be headquartered in the department of Montevideo and shall be governed by these Bylaws and by the applicable rules and regulations.

* Article modified by the Member Assembly held on 24 April 2003. 

ARTICLE 2 (Purposes)

LACNIC has the following goals:

  1. To manage the IP address space and related resources for the benefit of the Internet community of the region of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).
  2. To provide registry services for IP addresses, ASNs, reverse resolution, and related resources, with the object of allowing and facilitating communications over computer networks.
  3. To represent and promote the points of view and interests of the region before international organizations, within its area of competence.
  4. To contribute to the growth of the Internet in the region.
  5. To help the Latin-American and Caribbean community develop procedures, mechanisms, and standards for the efficient assignment of Internet resources.
  6. To promote educational opportunities for its members in the technical and policy areas within its competence.
  7. To propose and develop public policies within its area of competence.

To achieve its goals, LACNIC may:

  1. Organize any services needed to achieve its goal of managing the IP address space and related resources for the region of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).
  2. Organize courses, conferences, symposiums, contests, and any type of event aimed at disseminating, teaching, and achieving the goals of LACNIC.
  3. Produce, edit, publish, and disseminate communication materials using any available technology.
  4. Create documentation centers.
  5. Enter into agreements with individuals, companies, public or private institutions, whether national or international.
  6. Organize and sponsor trips for its members to study, conduct research, or disseminate the goals of LACNIC.
  7. Network with other national or international entities having similar goals in order to organize conferences and common activities.
  8. Cooperate with national, state, and municipal authorities, as well as with public and private entities in relation to the goals of LACNIC.