Request Bulk Whois access

The processing of new Bulk Whois / RDAP requests has been suspended due to changes in personal data legislation in Uruguay that we are analyzing to assess their implications.

LACNIC shall provide a bulk copy of the Whois information only to those organizations that will use the information for technical research and/or Internet operation purposes. The request for information and LACNIC's resolution either denying or authorizing the request may be published. 

To request this information you must complete a form and send the original copy by post to the following address:

Subject: Bulk WHOIS Request
Rambla República de México 6125,
Montevideo Uruguay, CP 11400

Application forms sent by fax or email will not be accepted. The application form must contain all of the requested information to be accepted.


Download the form from this link. It must be signed by a legal representative of your organization.