2018 Lifetime Achievement Award: Nominations Period Now Open until 12 March

LACNIC has opened the period for nominating candidates to the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award, an award which seeks to honor regional leaders who have made a continued contribution to the growth of an open, stable and secure Internet for the development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Nominations will be accepted until Monday, 12 March. Those wishing to nominate a candidate to the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award must complete a nomination form available on the http://trayectoria.lacnic.net/?lang=en platform.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was created in 2009 by the LACNIC Board to honor individuals whose achievements have had a significant impact on Internet development and have set an example for the rest of the community.

Contributions relating to Internet governance, the promotion of the collaborative Internet model, the development of technical capabilities, encouraging the use and development of Internet standards, and promoting of the digital economy in Latin America and the Caribbean will be considered particularly relevant.

Ida Holz, Rodrigo de la Parra, Rafael Ibarra, Ben Petrazzini, Carolina Aguerre, Selby Wilson, and Jesús Martinez will serve as jurors for the 2018 edition of the Lifetime Achievement Award. The terms and conditions for nominating candidates to Award are available at http://www.lacnic.net/1221/2/lacnic/lifetime-achievement-award.

Award Recipients. Since its first edition in 2009, the Award has been presented to 19 leaders from 13 different countries of the LAC region, among them Valeria Betancourt of Ecuador, Argentine entrepreneur Marcos Galperín, Demi Getschko of Brazil, Bernadette Lewis of Trinidad and Tobago, and, more recently, in 2017, José Clastornik, head of the Uruguayan e-Government Agency.