Member Rights and Benefits

Exclusive Member Rights and Benefits for Active A Members (organizations that have received IP addresses) and Adhering Members (LACNIC members that have not received any resources).

In this section you will find information on the following topics:

  1. LACNIC member benefits
  2. Services included with LACNIC membership
  3. Member rights and responsibilities (does not apply to Adhering Members)
  4. Ways to engage with the LACNIC Community

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I am a member of LACNIC. What are my benefits as a member?

  • Free registration to online training courses - CAMPUS
  • Free, preferential seats for in-person training activities
  • Two representatives of each member organization may attend both annual LACNIC events free of charge
  • Access to a sponsorship program to attend annual events, with a quota reserved for members
  • Special membership upgrade for sponsors of LACNIC annual events
  • Information focused on the needs of LACNIC members - Member News

What services are available to me as a LACNIC member?

  • IP address and ASN management system – MiLACNIC
    MiLACNIC is a single platform you can use to manage your resources (sub-assignments and rDNS), update the data for your organization and users, check your billing statement, pay your invoices, and manage your RPKI resource certification (the right to use IPv4 and IPv6 addresses).
  • Certification of the right to use IPv4 and IPv6 resources RPKI
    The goal of this certification is to allow our members to issue cryptographic material to digitally prove they have the right to use IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  • Online training on IPv6, BGP and more - CAMPUS
  • Incident Response Center - LACNIC CSIRT
    LACNIC offers members a warning, advice and reporting point to coordinate and facilitate the handling of computer security incidents.
  • Information query system - WHOIS
    LACNIC's WHOIS service allows members to query information on Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) and IP address blocks assigned by LACNIC.
  • Information query system: Registration Data Access Protocol - RDAP
    RDAP has significant advantages over the traditional WHOIS system. It presents a standard unified answer, is easier to use or integrate with other systems, and allows searches in other languages, not only in English.
  • Automated Internet Resource Management System - SARA
    SARA is an interface used to manage the Internet resources assigned to third parties (sub-assignments to clients) and to maintain the records for these resources updated.
  • An API for performing bulk management on the resources - LACNIC Registration API
    The LACNIC Registration API is a REST-based API that employs Oauth authentication designed mainly for performing bulk management on the resources available through the MiLACNIC platform.
  • IP Geolocation - Geofeeds
    Administrators of LACNIC member organizations can go to and specify the country, region, city and postal code of the location where their IP addresses are being used.

As a member, do I have any rights and obligations? (Does not apply to Adhering Members)

LACNIC, the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry, is a non-government organization:

  • With more than 10,000 member organizations;
  • Where changes are decided by votes from the member assembly;
  • Managed and administrated by a board of seven directors elected by its members;
  • Overseen by a Fiscal Commission comprised of three elected members; and
  • Supervised by an Electoral Commission comprised of three elected members.

This means that each member has both the right and the great responsibility to participate in the member assembly and in the three electoral processes to appoint those who will serve on the elected bodies.

  • Member Assembly – Full voting and speaking privileges
  • LACNIC Board Elections – Candidate nomination and voting
  • LACNIC Fiscal Commission Elections – Candidate nomination and voting
  • LACNIC Electoral Commission Elections – Candidate nomination and voting

Table of votes by category

How can I engage with the LACNIC Community?

We also invite our members to subscribe to LACNIC's announcements mailing list, which is used to disseminate information on LACNIC's most important activities.

  • Through our cooperation projects:
    • Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean - FRIDA
      Funding research projects in the form of small grants and recognizing innovative initiatives that have made a significant contribution to the use of ICTs.
    • Strengthening computer security incident awareness, knowledge and response capabilities in the region - AMPARO
    • Increasing the scope, strength and response speed of the DNS system at regional and global level -  +RAICES
    • Lifetime Achievement Award:
      This award seeks to recognize the people who have made a sustained contribution to the permanent development of the Internet and the Information Society in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.