Important: Accommodation for LACNIC 25

Important: Accommodation for LACNIC 25

LACNIC would like to share with the Latin American and Caribbean community relevant information on the availability of accommodation for the LACNIC 25 event to be held in Havana, Cuba, this 2-6 May.

The sharp increase in tourism due to Cuba's current situation has made it impossible to block and offer advance booking of hotel rooms in Havana to all the members of the community who plan to participate in the May meeting, as LACNIC has always done before prior events.

For this reason, LACNIC recommends that those who are planning to participate in LACNIC 25 try to find their own accommodation individually and in advance.

In order to simplify this task, we are offering information on different travel agencies participants can contact in the region. (

LACNIC thanks the community for their understanding and urges prospective attendees to begin seeking accommodation in Havana soon.

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