A prestigious point of reference for the community

A prestigious point of reference for the community

Did you know that you can become a LACNIC Policy Forum Moderator and a point of reference for the entire regional community?

LACNIC promotes an open call for candidates to elect a new Policy Development Process moderator for the region.

All members of the community with an interest in promoting changes and improvements to Internet policies for Latin America and the Caribbean may run for the position.

The increasing development of the Internet community has led to greater participation in Internet policy forums and discussions and has turned forum moderators into prestigious points of reference when considering changes to the policies currently in force.

Moderators are seen as involved and highly valued members of the community who are well-informed on current issues.

A moderator's image is that of an activist, always ready to help and invite those wanting to participate. Likewise, moderators have great visibility, as their role consists of encouraging and moderating discussions on the Public Policy List as well as during the Public Policy Forum which takes place during LACNIC meetings.

Moderators participate in the two annual events LACNIC organizes in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Becoming a moderator of LACNIC's Policy Forum is a great opportunity which requires dedication and commitment but which is also very rewarding.

If you are interested in submitting your candidacy, you have time from now until 13th April, 2016 at 00hUTC to do so. The only requirement is that candidates must be LACNIC members or nominated by a LACNIC member.

The electoral roll will be closing on the same day. Therefore, it will be entitled to vote those who subscribe to the public policies mailing list before that deadline. https://mail.lacnic.net/mailman/listinfo/politicas

For more information go to

http://www.lacnic.net/web/elecciones/2016-co-moderador or contact eleccion_mfp@lacnic.net