Internet infrastructure Security: Root KSK Rollover

LACNIC informs the community that this 11 October ICANN will implement the plan to change or “roll” the key for the DNS root. This will mark the first time the key has been changed since it was first put in use.

The KSK rollover process is scheduled to begin on 11 October at 16:00 UTC and will be completed in March 2019, when the previous key will be deleted from the ICANN key management facilities.

LACNIC recommends that operators in the region check their servers and watch out for possible side effects or any difficulties which may occur, especially on 11 October.

Currently, 750 million people are using DNSSEC validation resolvers that could be affected by the rollover. If those systems have not been configured with the new key, end-users will not be able to access the Internet.

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