LACNIC Campus announces that registration is now open for its Advanced IPv6 and TestingV6 courses

LACNIC Campus announces that registration is now open for its Advanced IPv6 and TestingV6 courses

LACNIC's Training Center announces that registration is now open for the third Advanced IPv6 course and the second TestingV6 course, which will be available through the LACNIC Campus, an e-learning proposal by the Regional Internet Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean which has already provided basic training on IP version 6.

Both courses will be provided online and consist of modules that participants will be able to complete in six to eight weeks, depending on the training option selected on the LACNIC Campus.

The Advanced IPv6 course will begin on September 14th; the TestingV6 course will start on October 10th.

Advanced IPv6 ? 3rd Edition 2016


TestingV6 ? 2nd Edition 2016

The Advanced IPv6 course has been designed for those seeking to further their knowledge of the IPv6 protocol. It is an ideal opportunity for those who completed the basic course. The course will be taught in Spanish, will include short videos, and requires a dedication of approximately ten hours per week. The total workload for the modules is 60 hours, plus a final examination.

Classes are 100% online and assisted by a tutor.

Through this course, participants will acquire the practical skills needed to configure IPv6 in various scenarios. They will also learn the general structure of an IPv6 implementation and learn about static and dynamic IPv6 routing.

After finishing the course, LACNIC will present a certificate to each participant who passes the final examination. 


The TestingV6 course has been designed for those who need to learn how to test software products and components to check their proper operation over IPv4 and IPv6, as well as in dual-stack environments.

Proper application of the technology will allow checking the compatibility of systems operating on IPv6 and detecting hidden issues and future risks posed by the coexistence of the two protocols.

The course has a total workload of 120 hours, with eight weeks of classes and a final examination that will allow you to obtain a Certificate.

  • Registration Period: August 29th to September 14th
  • Seats: 30
  • Course begins: September 14th
  • Course ends: October 26th
  • Course load: 60 hours
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Fee: 457 USD
  • Method of payment: PayPal
  • Registration Period: August 29th to October 10th
  • Course begins: October 10th
  • Course ends: December 5th
  • Seats: 20
  •  Discount: 20% for members
  • Course load: 120 hours
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Fee: 650 USD
  • Method of payment: PayPal

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