Announcements 2019

18/12/2019 LACNIC wishes you Happy Holidays 11/12/2019 Impact of DNS Root Servers in the Region 29/11/2019 ASO Announces Support for Fundamental Bylaws Amendment to Article 18 of the ICANN Bylaws This mesage is sent on behalf of the NRO EC. 28/11/2019 LACNIC Board Calls on the Community to Promote IPv6 Deployment 26/11/2019 LACNIC WARP Report: 5 Years Managing Cybersecurity 21/11/2019 LACNIC Board of Directors Appoints Nathalia Sautchuk as Representative to the Review Committee 19/11/2019 "Great Place to Work 2019": LACNIC among the Top 10 Places to Work 13/11/2019 ASO Use of Empowered Community Powers for ICANN Fundamental Bylaw Change This message is sent on behalf of the NRO EC 18/10/2019 LACNIC 32 LACNOG 2019: Activity Recap 17/10/2019 LACNIC Region to Incorporate Four New Root Server Copies 30/09/2019 Unintended Consequences of Website Blocking 19/09/2019 ASO AC Teleconferences Open for Observers 04/09/2019 LACNIC Community Code of Conduct 12/08/2019 LACNIC and CISCO Partner to Offer Training in Entrepreneurship in Haiti 06/08/2019 Childcare Services during LACNIC 32 05/08/2019 Internet Access and the Digital Gender Divide: FRIDA Announces Projects that will Receive Support in 2019 25/07/2019 Nomination Call for ASO Representative to 2020 ICANN Nominating Committee 17/07/2019 New Book Published on the History of LACNIC and Its Community 24/04/2019 LACNIC and LACNOG Partner to Strengthen the Network Operators Forum 15/04/2019 LACNIC Region to Incorporate Four New Root Server Copies 01/04/2019 FRIDA Call for Proposals ? Projects on Community Networks and Gender Equality 28/03/2019 ASO AC Selects Akinori Maemura to Serve in Seat 10 of the ICANN Board of Directors 26/03/2019 FORT Project: Routing Security for a Free and Open Internet 25/03/2019 Registrations for the Basic Network Management Course Is Now Open (in Spanish) 22/02/2019 Regional Internet Organizations Meet at Casa de Internet for Latin America and the Caribbean. 28/01/2019 LACNIC Region Representatives to the Review Committee 22/01/2019 Call for Public Comments on the 2018 IANA Performance Matrix Summary Report 11/01/2019 Composition of the ASO AC for 2019 08/01/2019 Registration for the first 2019 Edition of the Course on BGP Basics and Introduction to RPKI is now open