Registration for the first 2019 Edition of the Course on BGP Basics and Introduction to RPKI is now open

The LACNIC Training Center announces that registration for the first 2019 edition of its BGP Basics and Introduction to RPKI course, which is set to begin on 4 February on the organization's e-learning platform, is now open.

This course, through which nearly 500 people received training during 2018, will be tutored, online and in Spanish. It will have a duration of six weeks and comprise theory lessons, partial examinations and practical exercises, after which students must pass a final exam (mandatory).
It has been designed for anyone interested in entering the world of the BGP protocol, autonomous system interconnection and Internet routing security, both the theoretical and hands-on practice. Participants should have solid knowledge of IP networks and internal routing protocols.

Course objectives:

  • Understand the concept of Autonomous System and the differences between internal and external routing   
  • Understand how BGP works and why it was created
  • Understand the importance of having a proper routing policy within the organization 
  • Learn basic BGP configuration
  • Identify and analyze the data provided by BGP with the help of useful attributes and commands 
  • Understand the importance and scope of BGP filters
  • Learn about Internet routing reliability and what measures can be used to avoid route hijacking  
  • Learn how the RPKI resource certification system works
  • Identify and solve basic BGP issues
  • Learn and implement recommended best practices for Internet routing

Course participants can now follow their classes from any device by downloading the Moodle app.

Registration period: 7 January (18:00 UTC) to 30 January (18:00 UTC)
Course starts: 4 February 2019
Course ends: 15 March 2019

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