We Are Turning 14!

We Are Turning 14!

Our 14th anniversary finds LACNIC in a stage of consolidation and growth. Our membership base has increased steadily this past year (nearly 17%) and today we are celebrating with more than 5,820 member organizations throughout Latin American and the Caribbean.

A community that increasingly values the work of the LACNIC team.

According to the annual survey conducted by Mercoplus, for the fifth consecutive year, LACNIC members reported an excellent level of satisfaction with the services offered by our organization.

According to this survey, 94% of our members are very satisfied or satisfied with the work and services provided by LACNIC. This represents a source of pride for the entire team working to maintain these service levels, but also a major commitment for us to continue working even harder.

This year member participation at the Public Policy Forum grew by 50%, one of our greatest achievements as, in addition to being the place where changes to existing LACNIC policies are proposed, this Forum provides the mechanism through which the community openly discusses the rules under which LACNIC should provide its service. In this sense, it's worth noting the recent example of the proposal approved during the LACNIC 26 meeting which seeks to reserve part of the last remaining IPv4 address pool for critical Internet infrastructure.

We are currently in IPv4 exhaustion Phase 2, which is expected to end sometime during the first quarter of 2017. After this we will move on to Phase 3, during which only new members will be able to receive IPv4 addresses. This is a significant step, as starting on that date none of our 5,800 members will qualify to receive IPv4 resources.

This is the reason why we have been focusing our energy on IPv6 adoption for some time, striving to train professionals that are part of the Latin American and Caribbean Internet community so that they will be able to advance the development of this technology within their organizations.  So far, this year we have provided training to more than 3,100 technicians and experts on topics such as IPv6, the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, and IXPs.

On our part, we are putting all our energy into this matter as we are convinced that, together, we will achieve effective IPv6 deployment throughout the region.

Oscar Robles