Regional Internet Organizations Meet at Casa de Internet for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The organizations that are part of Casa de Internet for Latin America and the Caribbean (CILAC) met in Montevideo this past Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 February to share common strategies and actions for 2019.

CILAC is home to the region's most relevant Internet organizations and was created to help build synergies, support development and offer more and improved services to our community, engaging a growing number of stakeholders.

Two days days of intense activity brought together the nine organizations that make up Casa de Internet: ALAI, ASIET, eCOMLAC, ICANN, Internet Society, LACIX, LACNIC, LACTLD and RedClara.

During the meetings, participants shared the priority focus of each organization for the coming months and identified topics and activities of common interest in which the different organizations can collaborate to continue offering better services to the regional Internet community.