Registrations for the Basic Network Management Course Is Now Open (in Spanish)

LACNIC Campus announces the opening of the registration period for the Network Management course which is set to begin this 15 April on its e-learning platform.
The proposal is geared towards those who needs to familiarize themselves with the key concepts involved in network management.

The course will be offered in a self-study format, in Spanish, and free of charge. Students will have access to 12 modules in PDF format they must read and videos demonstrating practical applications. At the end of each module, students must complete a self-evaluation; at the end of the course, they must pass a final test in order to obtain the corresponding certification.

Course objectives:

  1. To strengthen participants’ knowledge of the Internet and the basics of IPv4 addressing
  2. To understand the basics of hardware and software for managing a network
  3. To determine the main aspects involved in operating a network and the creation of recommended best practices for a network operation center
  4. To reinforce the key aspects of domain name resolution and how the process works
  5. To understand the importance controlling and monitoring a data network and what open source tools are available for performing each type of network analysis
  6. To introduce the main concepts of Internet routing
  7. To learn about IPv4 exhaustion, the need for IPv6, and details of this new version of the IP protocol
  8. To recognize and understand the different types of IPv4 to IPv6 transition mechanisms
  9. To introduce the key concepts of virtualization, its different types and characteristics
  10. To define working in the cloud, categorize the different types of clouds, and learn about some of the security aspects involved in these implementations
  11. To understand the general concepts defined in the Internet of Things

Participants will be able to follow their classes by downloading the Moodle app to any device.

Registration period: 25 March 18:00 UTC to 10 April 18:00 UTC 

Course starts: 15 April 2019
Course ends: 5 July 2019
Click here to register