LACNIC and LACNOG Partner to Strengthen the Network Operators Forum

The Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (LACNIC) and the Network Operators Forum (LACNOG) have signed a collaboration agreement to generate mutually beneficial incentives for the consolidation and financial independence of LACNOG and the continuous improvement of the events organized jointly each year by the two entities.

LACNIC has been supporting the Network Operators Forum since the first joint event was held in São Paulo in 2010. Since then, LACNIC’s second annual event has always shared its agenda with LACNOG and included topics of interest to network operators and the technical community of Latin America and the Caribbean.

To support LACNOG’s operation, LACNIC has historically collaborated by assigning both human and financial resources to facilitate the management of key aspects of their meetings.
This working methodology was developed and has evolved over a period of eight years. Now, LACNIC and LACNOG are formalizing their agreement within the framework of building alliances with organizations that are part of the Internet ecosystem, seeking to promote an open, stable and secure Internet for the benefit of our community.

Ricardo Patara, Chairman of the LACNOG Board, stressed that “LACNOG has emerged as a space where regional network operators can exchange information, find solutions to their problems and share best practices for the operation of their networks and services. In turn, LACNIC has become an important supporter of this initiative, providing a space to host a discussion list as well as opportunities within its annual events to allow this community to meet face-to-face and become even more consolidated.”

Over the years, LACNOG has gained strength as an organization and currently includes a program committee responsible for selecting presentations, various working groups, a general manager and a director. “The agreement with LACNIC will bring sustainability to LACNOG, as we will now have mechanisms to find sponsors not only for our events but also for the other activities we organize,” added Patara.

Laura Kaplan, Head of Development and Cooperation at LACNIC, noted that “LACNOG contributes a lot of value to our community. Throughout the years, they have been able to work in a very responsible and professional manner. For us, establishing this agreement to formalize the key aspects of our relationship is a very important step that will bring predictability to the work of both LACNIC and LACNOG, strengthen the efforts to find sponsors, and most of all enrich the content of the events we share each year towards the month of October.”

Under this agreement, LACNIC will offer administrative and financial support to LACNOG to contribute to LACNOG’s independence and professionalization and strengthen the network operators community it comprises.