Technical Reports

Here you will find various reports and research activities conducted by LACNIC together with regional specialists. Among others, the topics covered by these reports include cybersecurity, routing security, IPv6 deployment and interconnection.

  • DNS IPv4 Open Resolvers Hosted on LACNIC-Managed Number Resources
    LACNIC CSIRT and CEDIA CSIRT conducted a study to identify open DNS servers associated with an IPv4 address in order to inform the members who were assigned these resources of the situation, suggest alternatives to correct the configuration of their servers, and try to significantly reduce the number of open resolvers in our region.
  • Connectivity in the LAC Region in 2020
    Author: Agustín Formoso
    We often talk about connectivity, but what is it that we are actually talking about? From the moment networks were connected to one other, operators have been working to improve this connectivity between them. In this article, we will present a connectivity study explaining how we measure connectivity in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean and how this has evolved in recent years.
  • BGP Interconnection in the Region of Latin America and the Caribbean
    Author: Augusto Mathurín
    To complement the information obtained by the Simón Project, this interconnection study will attempt to understand the status of the connections between the countries of Latin America based on the BGP routing tables registered and stored by global collectors.
  • A Cybersecurity Success Story
    A summary of five years of computer security incident management.
  • Use of DNS Root Servers in Latin America
    Author: Hugo Salgado
    Measurements and a historical analysis of the behavior of DNS Root Servers.
  • Routing Security in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Author: Augusto Mathurín
    This report is promoted by the FORT Project, a joint initiative of LACNIC and NIC.MX, which seeks to improve routing system security and resilience.