LACNIC offers free webinars to all those interested in training and strengthening some technical skills.

Date Subject Duration Type Language
23 November A Basic Guide to Make the Most of IGF 2022 90 min IGF All
18 October Skills for a Datafied Society - Understanding the Impact of Data from a Critical Perspective 60 min IT Women All
29 September Webinar: Policy Proposals to be Presented at the LACNIC38 PPF 60 min PPF All
1 September Promoting the development of knowledge and skills among women in technology in the LAC region: LACNIC and ANUIES-TIC 60 min IT Women All
13 july When "Jobs of the Future" Become "Jobs of the Present" - How to be ready for a quickly-evolving economy 60 min Other All
26 may FRIDA 2022 Call for Proposals: Presentation and Q&A 60 min FRIDA All
19 may DNS Privacy 120 min DNS All