LACNIC offers free webinars to all those interested in training and strengthening some technical skills.

Date Subject Duration Type Language
8 sept The strategic role of IPv6 in digital transformation 180 min IPv6 All
28 jul Freedom of Expression and Internet Regulations 90 min Internet All
16 jun IPv6 Day 180 min IPv6 ALL
9 jun Network Security with RPKI 40 min RPKI Spanish/English
6 may Tutorial Resource management MiLACNIC and Policy proposals in LACNIC35 120 min MiLACNIC, Policy All
8 apr What do the global BGP tables tell us about interconnection in LAC? 60 min BGP All
18 mar How Connected Are We? An Overview of Latency in LAC 60 min Connectivity All
25 feb IPv6 in Last Mile and Access Networks 60 min IPv6 All
18 feb Primera tertulia de IPv6 - Plan de direccionamiento IPv6 60 min IPv6 Spanish