IP Addresses and ASNs for Research Purposes

“LACNIC shall make experimental allocations with the aim of promoting research and development within the region.

In order to qualify for an initial allocation, the experiment shall meet one of the following requirements:

  • Be based on an IETF RFC designated as an experimental RFC.
  • Be considered by LACNIC and by external specialists on the subject as favorable for the development of the region and technology in general.

For more information, go to: https://www.lacnic.net/690/2/lacnic/

Requests received for experimentation purposes

Name Summary Status Website    Publication date    Requested resources


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Experimental assignments

Name Organization Summary Status Website Assignment date Assigned resources
Training on RPKI, BGP, and IPv6  UY-NICO1-LACNIC RPKI Labs will have a set of virtual devices ready to be used by experiment/training activity participants. Each will receive the assigned public IPv6 prefixes with their corresponding ROAs (some of them valid, others invalid), previously generated using LACNIC's public platform specifically designed for this purpose.
An AS (using an assigned ASN) will be available to be used as the valid origin of the announcements. IPv6 prefixes will be published from another assigned public AS to simulate route hijacks and other scenarios. The experiment will show these scenarios by presenting possible mechanisms to visualize and mitigate these events, along with their results.
Assigned https://github.com/LACNOG/rpki-labs  03/12/2021 AS64135, AS64136 y 2803:9910::/32 
Yet Another ROV Timing Experiment JP-ROFO-LACNIC -  Romain Fontugne

Route Origin Validation (ROV) is a fairly complex process that involves RPKI data from the five RIRs, open-source software for fetching and validating data, and the various router software that implement the actual route origin validation functionality. This is currently in deployment on the Internet, but many questions are left unanswered about the interactions of the different pieces involved in the ROV process.

With these experiments we are planning to better understand ROA propagation time and the impact on BGP. 

Finalized https://github.com/romain-fontugne/rov-timing 04/11/2021 2801:1e:1800::/48,