Resource Certification (RPKI)

LACNIC's resource certification system operates in two modes: “delegated” and “hosted”. In delegated mode, an organization can implement its own certificate authority and thus maintain its own private key for signing cryptographic material.

Delegated RPKI Service

The delegated service has been in operation since 18 December 2019. This service is available to all LACNIC members. Those interested in using RPKI in delegated mode should send contact hostmaster [at] lacnic [.] net with the following information:

  • Organization ID (OrgID)
  • Full name of the point of contact
  • Contact email address

Brazil: Organizations that received their address space from can access the service at

Hosted RPKI Service

The hosted service has been operational since 1st January 2011. In this mode, member organizations can perform all RPKI architecture related tasks through MiLACNIC.

Organizations that received their resources from IAR.MX should access the service at following link