Measurement Probes in LAC

LACNIC is trying to better understand the characteristics of regional network interconnection so that operators will have access to valuable data when preparing their growth strategies. To do so, we need to perform connectivity measurements that cover the entire region and initiate from third-party networks, a challenge that requires the collaboration of multiple actors.

We promote the deployment of various software Internet measurement probes in the LAC region, beginning with RIPE NCC's RIPE Atlas  and ISOC's Internet Society Pulse.

It should be noted that these probes are useful regardless of whether they are deployed in an office, a data center, or an end user's home. To make the most of the measurement platforms’ capabilities, it is important to keep the probes on and connected to the Internet at all times.

RIPE Atlas

RIPE Atlas is an open network that relies on community participation. With sufficient coverage, RIPE Atlas probes would allow us to have a full understanding of the Internet, as well as to conduct studies by country or sub-region. To achieve this coverage, probes need to be installed in as many networks as possible in each country.



Murakami is a tool for creating an automated Internet measurement service, running in a Docker container. A Murakami measurement container will automatically run supported tests using a randomized schedule a configurable number of times a day.


How does LACNIC contribute to measuring the Internet?

LACNIC supports Internet measurements by organizing informative webinars and deployathons to disseminate information about available probes and help with the installation of software probes across the region.

We also promote and support the purchase of Raspberry Pi devices to install RIPE Atlas and Pulse (ISOC) probes.

If you are interested in organizing a webinar or deployathon in your country or community, contact us at atlaslac[at]lacnic[.]net

In addition to these efforts, LACNIC works in collaboration with LAC-IX and LACNOG to keep up with the measurement needs of IXPs and network operators in the region. We also keep in touch with the academic sector, where we seek the support of researchers to conduct measurements, serve as mentors during our deployathons, and collaborate with the deployment of probes in general.

Past events


Atlas Probe Deployathon MX and BO

November 2021


Atlas Probe Deployathon Panama

June 2022 

RIPE Atlas/IXP Country Jedi Webinar 

julio 2022

Atlas Colombia Webinar

September 2022 


Presentation at Anuies TIC - Deployment of Probes in LAC

October 2022

LAC Atlas Deployathon

November 2022


Fortaleciendo el sistema de mediciones del Internet de Colombia

November 2023


Deployathon RIPE Atlas y Pulse - ISOC Capítulo de Panamá

December 2023


Webinar: RIPE Atlas en Guatemala y Honduras

April 2024


Internet measurement studies and reports

Based on the information provided by RIPE Atlas probes and other projects, both LACNIC and other researchers have conducted various studies on the characteristics and behavior of Internet traffic in the region. Some of these studies are listed below.

Based on RIPE Atlas probes

Visualization of a New Node in LACTLD Anycast Service

Measurements to root servers from LATAM

Measurements to the LACTLD Anycast Cloud

Use of DNAME for Reverse DNS Mapping of Inter-RIR Transferred Resources

Based on measurements from other platforms

Connectivity in the LAC Region

Reports of all interconnection studies conducted in the region 

Adopción DNSSEC

Analysis of the paths followed by traffic within each country of LAC region