Policy Shepherds

Policy Shepherds

The goal of this initiative is to help new authors submit their policy proposals.

Because they have never drafted a proposal, new authors might need some assistance, so the help of a policy shepherd is now being offered to those who feel they might benefit from their guidance.

Policy shepherds are individuals who are involved in the community and experienced in the Policy Development Process. For example, they may have authored one or more policies, they may be former moderators, or otherwise actively engaged in policy discussions.

During 2015:

  • Nicolás Antoniello shepherded policy proposal "2015-01: Trigger when a justified request larger than /22 is received which cannot be allocated from any remaining pool of addresses at LACNIC."
  • Juan Peirano shepherded policy proposal "2015-03: Inter-RIR transfers."

If you have any questions or would like to request a policy shepherd, please write to info-politicas@lacnic.net